FishingTik is a worldwide authority on fishing and kayaking. We provide deeply researched content on different fishing gear and techniques. Since we established this platform, we have always remained dedicated to enhancing fishing, conservation and marine education in general.

Who We Are

No one could have predicted that a blog started as a journal for documenting one fisherman’s experiences at sea would one day turn into a powerful organization with over 10 full-time researchers and content creators.

It would have been just as tough to predict that a simple website would evolve into the FishingTik Blog which currently features hundreds of informative articles.

To this end, we are happy to report that this platform has grown from strength to strength. We’re also glad to say that we have become one of the fastest-growing reference points for anglers from across the world.

What Drives Us

Each member of our team is driven by the desire to achieve successful outcomes. And by successful outcomes, we’re referring to benefits for our readers and marine life. We always strive to deliver top-quality content to our readers solving their problems in just the same way we’d like to have ours solved.

Besides that, we are always keen to educate the world on the need for sustainable fishing practices. That’s because we believe in the need to create a better tomorrow.

So, every once in a while, you will find us sharing tips, tidbits, and techniques on how to fish responsibly whether in the rivers, lakes or deep oceans.

Unbiased Reviews

We regularly feature product review articles on this blog. These are mainly articles on:

  • Fishing kayaks
  • Fishfinders
  • Fly fishing gear
  • Spinning, spincast & baitcaster reels
  • Fish fillet knives & sharpeners
  • Backpacks, storage bags & coolers

This list keeps growing. So, you better bookmark this site for the latest, informative guides. This is especially important if you’re on the search for quality gear but are on a tight budget.

Knowledge Sharing Platform

We figured since we had so much experience in reviewing products and buying them over the years, that we would share knowledge of what works. So, if you happen to read out articles, you’ll notice that we clarify on what we think is best and why. Besides that, we also educate you through our buying guides so you can make smart buying decisions.

It has been our objective to help anglers from all over the world further their love of the sport. And we do this by providing them with credible, clear-cut information all the time.

So, before you buy anything on the net that’s related to fishing and kayaking, read what we have to say. And by doing this, you could save yourself some trouble!

Happy To Help

Should you face any need that requires expert attention and advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can do so by visiting our contact us page and filling the form. One of our members of staff will respond to your query in a few hours.